LLC28 Re-Imagining the Discipline: German Studies, the Humanities, and the University


The proposed working group will examine the disciplinary and institutional contexts that make up Anglo-American German Studies in our day. The field has since the 1970s developed a unique profile as an umbrella term for interdisciplinary endeavors that have driven critical conversations informed by the German intellectual tradition, helping frame momentous trends that in the last decades have reshaped humanities studies and the institution of the university in North America. This historical trajectory makes German Studies an optimal lens for appraising the state of the humanities in the current landscape of higher-education, as they meet the challenges and seize the opportunities created by profound changes in the structure and funding of the university; the technological and institutional developments that have reshaped the ways we teach and conduct research; the diversification and stratification of our student population; and the shrinking support for public education displayed by politicians and the public at large.

Inactive since: 2019

Group Organizers

Paul Fleming

Taylor Family Director of the Society for the Humanities

Karina von Tippelskirch

Associate Professor, German

Patrizia C. McBride

Professor of German Studies

Matthew Miller

Associate Professor of German


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