How to Get Involved


  • WG Organizers are faculty/academic staff from Corridor institutions—and at least one Organizer must be from Cornell University, Syracuse University, or the University of Rochester. Organizers form groups and coordinate WG activities. You can belong to (or organize) more than one group.
  • Each WG Activity has an Organizer involved from the host campus where that activity takes place.
  • All groups and activities involve members from Corridor institutions in two or more locales/cities.
  • Once established, Working Groups may apply for higher funding levels to support their activities. They may also propose high-impact Signature Events (e.g., conferences, exhibits, performances), which have a public component and actively involve WG members from three or more Corridor institutions (up to 10k award, funding availability varies annually).
  • An Intra-Corridor Travel Supplement helps bring together WG members from different Corridor campuses and helps faculty/academic staff/graduate students attend Corridor activities (workshops, symposia, lectures, etc.) at other Corridor institutions. Guidelines are on our website.