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Revise an Existing Award


  • Each Corridor award stems from varied funding sources across 11 institutions, which is why awards are not easily transferable between host campuses.
  • Unspent funds from one award cannot be re-applied toward a different activity.
  • Awards do not carry forward into a different academic year.

Submit this form if you are requesting:

  • a change in host campus;
  • a change in semester within the same academic year;
  • a change in the nature of an activity (e.g., shifting from a public lecture to a writing retreat);
  • a change in honoraria or accessibility budget allocations (e.g., increasing an honorarium or realizing that you need an ASL interpreter).

There is no need to submit this form:

  • if you simply need small adjustments within hosting categories (i.e., meals, receptions, travel, lodging) within your original award.

Refer to your award letter before filling out this form for review.

e.g., Feminists Without Borders - ISD1
e.g., Spring 2025 for $2500

Revised Corridor Budget Request ($USD, numerals only)

for non-Corridor guests
for non-Corridor guests
for non-Corridor guests
Explain this line item below.
e.g., real-time captioning or an ASL interpreter