Revise an Existing Award


  • Each Corridor award ties to a specific endowment (of 3) in a complicated funding and forecasting process, which is why money does not easily 'move around' between host campuses after awards are allocated!
  • As with many other kinds of grants, under-spends in one budget category cannot be applied to a different budget category without seeking permission in a Revise-an-Existing-Award form.
  • Unspent funding for one awarded activity cannot be set aside or re-applied toward a different awarded activity.
  • Unspent award money does not carry forward into a different academic year.

So... when do I need to submit a Revise-an-Existing-Award form?

  • to request a change in host campus (e.g., from Cornell to Rochester);
  • to request a change in semester in the same academic year (e.g., Fall to Spring);
  • to request a change in budget categories or amount allocations (e.g., changing reception/meal spending to instead buy books; or increasing honorarium by lowering spending in a different category).

Refer to your award letter!

Find/review it before filling out this form, as you will need to cite the differences between your revised request and what was initially approved, in the letter. Shortly after you submit your request to revise, you will receive an email from with a decision and/or other guidance for proceeding.

Revised Corridor Budget Request ($USD, numerals only)