HF6: Global Disability Studies


This working group brings together disability studies scholars working across diverse geographical regions (Europe, Asia, and the Americas) and historical periods (Early Modern, Modern, and Contemporary).

Active since: 2021

Open to New People

  • Syracuse University
  • Cornell University

Collaborative Goals

Our goals were to lead one virtual writing retreat and to participate in a manuscript workshop. Due to pandemic related restrictions, we had to postpone the manuscript workshop to the following year. We did, however, run a very successful online writing retreat that involved scholars from several different institutions and countries.

Group Organizers

Julia Chang

Assistant Professor of Hispanic Studies, Cornell University

Andrew Campana

Assistant Professor of Asian Studies, Cornell University

Kathleen Long

Professor of French, Cornell University

Eunjung Kim

Associate Professor of Women’s & Gender Studies, Syracuse University

Group Outcomes

Our writing retreat was a huge success. Beyond helping scholars carved out time for writing during the pandemic, it also created a wonderful community and support network. Many of us (scattered across the globe) continue to meet on Zoom to discuss readings pertaining to global disability studies. While our efforts have been modest thus far, the existence of this network is significant, given that that disability studies had tended to anglo-dominant.