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HF6: Global Disability Studies


This working group brings together disability studies scholars working across diverse geographical regions (Europe, Asia, and the Americas) and historical periods (Early Modern, Modern, and Contemporary).

Open to New People

Active since: 2021

  • Syracuse University
  • Cornell University

Collaborative Goals

Our goals this Spring are to run one symposium and one workshop, featuring the intersection of disability and a wide variety of global issues, including anti-Asian Racism and colonization.

Group Organizers

Andrew Campana

Assistant Professor of Asian Studies, Cornell University

Eunjung Kim

Associate Professor of Women’s & Gender Studies, Syracuse University

Julia Chang

Assistant Professor of Hispanic Studies, Cornell University

Kathleen Long

Professor of French, Cornell University

Group Outcomes

Biophobia symposium has become a place for scholars in area studies and activists and artists whose interests also lie in regional issues to come together and have fruitful discussions. For example, after the symposium, KimSu Theiler (NY), one of the artist participants, reached Rachel Lee (UCLA) and Jessie Yoon (Cornell) for her art project collaboration. Through the process of prepping this symposium, Soyi Kim (Cornell) created a space for Korean adoptee artists located in New York, California, and Copenhagen to revisit their AHL foundation exhibition, Sensoria (Oct. 2022), in NYC, expand on their art ideas for presentations at the symposium, and plan on a future collaborative project, tentatively in the form of a book publication. Finally, CNYHC grant helped the symposium to receive extra grant from Association of Asian Studies: Northeast Council Conference-Seminar grant.