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Linshan Jiang: Autoethnography of Making Feminist Podcasts in Contemporary China

About This Event

Podcasting is part of a wide range of vocal performances, including radio broadcasting. However, it differs from traditional radio practices in its individualized and democratized engagement. Notably, within this diverse podcasting milieu, feminist podcasts have risen to prominence. Hosted by self-identified feminists, these shows explore gender issues across literature, film, popular culture, social issues, and everyday life. Despite the remarkable popularity of certain shows like “Stochastic Volatility,” feminist podcasts often face sudden removals from online platforms without notice, as seen with “Seahorse Planet,” leading to constant self-censorship by some other podcasters. This talk investigates the potential of these podcasts to generate public discourse on gender issues and analyze my own experience as a podcaster of “Gleaners” and “Her Words, Her Voice.” I argue that feminist podcasting fosters affective communities and solidarity through sustained listening and participation

Featured Guests

Linshan Jiang, Duke University

Nov. 13, 2023, 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

500 Hall of Languages

ISD8: Cultures of Inequality in the Sinosphere

Category: Lecture

Audience: Open to the Public

Host: Syracuse University

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