Critical Aesthetic Practices: Visualizing Fatal Policies with Incarcerated Artists

About This Event

In 2018 artists with the Prison + Neighborhood Arts/Education Project created a series of thematic works around long-term sentencing policies and the other long terms they produce: long-term struggles for freedom, long-term loss in communities, and long-term relationships behind the prison wall. The projects emerged from classes and collaborative work at Stateville prison, where people are serving extraordinarily long prison terms (60, 70 and 80 years), often for crimes for which they would have already been released, had they been sentenced 30 years earlier, or in a different country. This presentation will discuss methods of teaching and learning with artists at Stateville to produce a popular education project that seeks to educate communities about the fatal sentencing policies that produce a community of the 'living dead', as told by one artist.

Speaker: Sarah Ross, Associate Professor of Art Education, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

This Central New York Humanities Corridor event is presented by the Incarceration and Decarceration Working Group from an award by the Mellon Foundation. Questions can be directed to Patrick W. Berry,

April 18, 2023, 6:30 p.m.


LLC5: Incarceration and Decarceration

Activity Audience: Open to the Public

Activity Category: Lecture

Host: Syracuse University

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