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LLC5: Incarceration and Decarceration


Humanities Working Group studying incarceration and pursuing decarceration, prison education, and restorative justice initiatives.

Open to New People

Active since: 2013

  • Syracuse University
  • University of Rochester
  • Cornell University

Collaborative Goals

Working in conjunction with the Cornell Prison Education Program and the Rochester Education Justice Initiative, this Working Group looks to foster a scholarly community adjacent to decarceration work and to organize events of general interest to educate the public and to connect people to decarceral organizing activities.

Group Organizers

Alison Peterman

Associate Professor of Philosophy, University of Rochester

Evelyne Leblanc-Roberge

Associate Professor of Art, Lens Based Media, University of Rochester

Joel Burges

Associate Professor of English and Visual & Cultural Studies, University of Rochester

Joshua Dubler

Associate Professor of Religion; Director, Rochester Education Justice Initiative, University of Rochester

Kristin Doughty

Associate Professor of Anthropology, University of Rochester

Madeline Reynolds

Outreach and Information Services Librarian, Cornell Prison Education Program, Cornell University

Patrick W. Berry

Associate Professor, Writing and Rhetoric, Syracuse University

Rob Scott

Executive Director, Cornell Prison Education Program; Adjunct Asst. Professor in the School of Integrative Plant Sciences, Horticulture Division, Cornell University

Group Outcomes

The building of community across disciplinary and academic boundaries continues to be strong. Our presentations have brought together diverse authors and activists. We have centered the work of formerly incarcerated individuals. Some of the work, like Page's visit, led to partnerships with Freedom Commons, the housing complex connected with Center for Community Alternatives, where Page gave a second workshop.