Welcome back to another academic year across the Central New York region and the Humanities Corridor. We’ve had a busy summer of transition and have some news to share.

Since 2008, the CNY Humanities Corridor had been led by Syracuse University Professor Gregg Lambert, who concluded his tenure on June 30, 2019. As of July 1, 2019, the Corridor’s new Principal Investigator is Vivian M. May, Director of the Humanities Center and Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies at Syracuse University. We thank Gregg for his many years of dedicated service to the Corridor!

Just yesterday, Cornell University hosted our annual Corridor Advisory Board meeting. We will incorporate the Board’s feedback into our upcoming Call for Proposals: expect to find the Fall 2019 CFP in your inboxes next week!

In the meantime, working groups have organized a full slate of fall activities—more than 50 activities across seven campuses. A snapshot is listed below (or can be viewed as a PDF, “This Fall Across the Corridor”). You can see full details on our website: each host campus’s humanities center may also have additional event details.

Cornell University

  • Conference – Re-Imagining the Discipline: German Studies, the Humanities, & the University
  • Poiesis and the Black Pacific: On the Translation of Time and Race–a Diptych – Critical Theory & the Global: The Politics of Translation
  • Workshop, Celebrating Indigenous and Refugee Language Communities in New York State – Language Documentation in Multilingual Communities
  • Workshop, Academic Publishing and Planning Meeting – Lake Erie Latin American Cultural Studies (LELACS)
  • Workshop, Breath, Pneumatics, and the Limits of the Human: Stage Machines and Uneasy Humanity in Early Modern Theatre – Scientific Norms & the Concept of the Normal
  • Lab Exchange – Language Sound Structures
  • Conference – Media & the Premodern
  • 7th Cornell Workshop in Linguistics and Philosophy: Meaning & Practice – Interdisciplinary Approach to Discourse
  • 2 Teaching Exchanges – Musicology & Music Histories Teaching Exchange
  • Seminar with Joseph Roach – Performance/History
  • Writing Retreat – Performance/History
  • Lecture – Continental Philosophy
  • Planning Meeting – Athena in Action
  • Working Group Seminar + Workshop – Feminist Praxis in Architecture & Design
  • Roundtable with Mabel Wilson, Columbia University/ GSAAP – Feminist Praxis in Architecture & Design

Syracuse University

  • Workshop – Oxford Studies in Political Philosophy/Creighton Club
  • Those Unique Survivors Called Books, with Irene Vallejo Moreu – Spanish Poetics
  • Putting Rebecca on Trial: Daphne du Maurier’s Novel and the Negotiation of Genre Replay and Originality in the Dark Female Gothic in 1940s Hollywood, with Helen Hanson – Visual Studies
  • Creighton Club 165th Annual Meeting – Oxford Studies in Political Philosophy/Creighton Club
  • Community-Building Research Brainstorming – Community-Engaged Public Humanities
  • Inaugural Workshop – Central New York Religious Studies Consortium
  • Teaching Workshop – Bringing Latin to Life: Transforming Latin Pedagogy for Maximal Inclusion & Impact
  • Decoding Sustainability through an Ethnography of Seeds – Social & Cultural Sustainability in South Asia
  • Planning Retreat – Culture & Democracy in 19th-century New York
  • Reading & Workshop – Small Press Reading Series
  • Lecture and Symposium – Perspectives on Europe from the Periphery
  • Lecture by Angel David Nieves – Urban Humanities
  • Voces Teatrales with Barbara Colio – LELACS
  • Talk by Luisa Cortesi, Stanford H. Taylor Postdoctoral Fellow, Cornell University – Social and Cultural Sustainability in South Asia
  • Spanish/Latin American Studies Student Colloquium – LELACS
  • Work-in-Progress Workshop, Intersectionality and/in Digital Humanities – Global Digital Humanities
  • Conference Planning Meeting – Jewish Studies
  • Topics & Methodologies in the Health Humanities, Lecture + Workshop – Health Humanities: Medicine, Disease, Disability, & Culture
  • Organ Improvisation Workshops with Bruce Neswick – Improvisation in Theory & Practice
  • Dante Politico Organizational Meeting – Theorizing Italy
  • Mini-Symposium – Modernist Geographies
  • Wikipediathon Event + Working Group Meeting – Feminist Praxis in Architecture & Design

University of Rochester

  • Workshop, Primary Sources as Pedagogy in the Music History Classroom – Sound & Media
  • Conference – Gender & Sexuality Writing Collective
  • Mapping to Understand What We Know Workshop – Composition, Labor, & Embodiment
  • Encountering Italian Philosophy: Giacomo Marramao – Theorizing Italy
  • 2 Planning Meetings – South Asian Media & Performance Cultures
  • Signature Event: South Asian Film Festival and Symposium – South Asian Media & Performance Cultures
  • Brainstorming Session – Premodern Transmedia
  • Introduction to Codicology Workshop – History & Technology of the Book
  • Teaching Exchange – Musicology & Music Histories Teaching Exchange

Colgate University

  • Brainstorming Meeting – Apostolic Legends: Imagining Early Christianity from the Local to the Global
  • Symposium: Plato and Platonism – Ancient Philosophy

Hamilton College

  • Workshop – Gender and Class in the Novel

Hobart and William Smith Colleges

  • Kickoff + Brainstorming Meeting – Global Digital Humanities

Le Moyne College

  • Symposium, Those Unique Survivors Called Books – Spanish Poetics
  • Women in Early American Film History, with Helen Hanson – Visual Studies