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VAC35: CNY Experimental Media Consortium


Central New York has a remarkable history and deep ongoing engagement with experimental media arts. The CNY Experimental Media Consortium is a group of programmers, scholars and curators that meets bi-annually to discuss the field and plan public programs.

Open to New People

Active since: 2023

  • Syracuse University
  • Colgate University
  • Skidmore College

Collaborative Goals

The goal of the CNY Experimental Media Consortium is to formulate a strategic plan for increasing public access to and awareness of the rich experimental media offerings of the institutions in our region. We hope to achieve this through:

  • Engaging in shared conversations about the state of the field through the invitation of a guest speaker.
  • Creating a regional event planning calendar to enhance our own awareness of what everyone in the field throughout the region is doing and to ensure members avoid scheduling major events within driving distance on the same date.
  • Facilitating travel between Corridor institutions within 1-2 hours of each other for students and others with limited access to transportation to attend Consortium members' events.
  • Collaborating to invite high profile filmmakers, filmmakers with recent releases, or touring curated programs to the region for multiple coordinated engagements, which will support the artists and allow for cost sharing.

Group Organizers

Adam Tinkle

Professor and Director, MDocs Storyteller's Institute, Skidmore College

Anneka Herre

Instructor, Film and Media Arts, Syracuse University

Cooper Battersby

Associate Professor, Art Video; Program Coordinator, Syracuse University

Kelly Gallagher

Associate Professor, Film, Syracuse University

Lakshmi Luthra

Associate Professor of Art & Art History and Film & Media Studies; Director, Film & Media Studies Program, Colgate University

Mary Simonson

Associate Professor of Film & Media Studies and Women’s Studies, Colgate University

Roger Hallas

Associate Professor of English, Syracuse University

Sarah Friedland

Professor, MDocs Storyteller's Institute, Skidmore College

Group Members

  • Lindsay Lodhi Colgate University
  • Lakshmi Luthra Colgate University
  • Mary Simonson Colgate University
  • Sabine Haenni Cornell University
  • Jeffrey Palmer Cornell University
  • Molly Ryan Cornell University
  • Scott MacDonald Hamilton College
  • Cathy Crane Ithaca College
  • Mitch McCabe Ithaca College
  • Julie Grossman LeMoyne College
  • Dan Roche LeMoyne College
  • Amy Adrion Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Sarah Friedland Skidmore University
  • Adam Tinkle Skidmore University
  • Ekrem Serdar Squeaky Wheel
  • Elijah Horwatt SUNY Binghamton
  • Crystal Z Campbell SUNY Buffalo
  • Carl Lee SUNY Buffalo
  • Cooper Battersby Syracuse University
  • Boryana Dimitrova Dragoeva Syracuse University
  • Emily V Duke Syracuse University
  • Kelly Gallagher Syracuse University
  • Roger Hallas Syracuse University
  • Christopher Hanson Syracuse University
  • Kara Herold Syracuse University
  • Anneka Herre Syracuse University
  • Doo Rim Kim Syracuse University
  • Will Scheibel Syracuse University
  • Leila Nadir University of Rochester
  • Cary Adams University of Rochester
  • Tara Nelson Visual Studies Workshop