PCT3: Upstate New York Workshop in Early Modern Philosphy (UNYWEMP)


The Upstate New York Workshop in Early Modern Philosophy (UNYWEMP) is a group of philosophers from the upstate New York area who work in 17th-18th century philosophy, and who convene several times each semester to present and discuss works in progress, in addition to organizing workshops and conferences.

Active since: 2013

Open to New People

  • Syracuse University
  • University of Rochester
  • Cornell University
  • Union College
  • Skidmore College

Collaborative Goals

Our main goal is to foster collaboration between scholars in early modern philosophy in upstate New York and neighboring areas, in research and teaching alike, and to enable Corridor graduate students studying early modern philosophy to engage with scholars from institutions other than their own. We hope to increase the visibility of central NY state as a center of excellence in early modern philosophy -- home to a cluster of institutions with accomplished scholars working in the area.

Group Organizers

Alison Peterman

Associate Professor of Philosophy, University of Rochester

Karolina Hübner

Associate Professor, Himan Brown Continuity Fellow, Cornell University

Kara Richardson

Associate Professor and Department Chair, Philosophy, Syracuse University

Maité Cruz

Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Union College

Larry Jorgensen

Professor and Chair, Skidmore College

Karin Nisenbaum

Renée Crown Professor in the Humanities and Assistant Professor, Philosophy, Syracuse University