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LLC21: Gender and Sexuality Writing Collective


The Susan B. Anthony Institute for Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies Writing Collective provides a platform for graduate students to workshop papers with fellow graduate students and faculty from multiple institutions.

Open to New People

Active since: 2018

  • University of Rochester
  • Hobart & William Smith Colleges

Collaborative Goals

This collaborative event is intended as an opportunity for graduate students to consider issues pertaining to gender, sexuality, race, class, and disability. Participants will engage with one another in interdisciplinary discussions led by established scholars in the humanities, arts, and social sciences, whose experience and outstanding research in their respective fields will benefit and help shape the papers. We welcome emerging scholars to join us in this one-day program of events that includes a full day of interdisciplinary workshops and a panel discussion.

Group Organizers

Jiangtao Harry Gu

Assistant Professor of Media and Society, Hobart and William Smith Colleges

Tanya Bakhmetyeva

Associate Professor of Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies; Associate Academic Director, Susan B. Anthony Institute for Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies, University of Rochester

Group Members


  • Samantha Sheppard, Cornell University
  • Milo Obourn, The College at Brockport;
  • Jennifer Haytock, The College at Brockport

Graduate students:

  • Atiya McGhee, Syracuse University
  • Emmalouise St. Amand, Eastman School of Music
  • Yuhan Huang, Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Justin Grossman, University of Rochester
  • Kanishka Sikri, York University
  • Siufung Law, Emory University
  • Rachel Pittman, University of North Carolina Wilmington
  • Grace Sparapani, University of Texas Austin
  • Lin Zhang, Ulster University Belfast
  • Apala Kundu, University of Pittsburgh
  • Holly Jones, University of Oregon
  • Holly Thompson, Wake Forest University
  • Melisa Köroğlu, University of Cologne
  • Emre Keser, University of California Santa Cruz
  • Emily Chastain, Boston University
  • Annabelle Tseng, Columbia University

Group Outcomes

  1. Offered an authentic feminist space of knowledge creation/exchange
  2. Engaged with a number of local and out of state graduate students to offer substantial feedback on their work to help them prepare their work for publication
  3. Mediated a number of conversations that addressed issues important to graduate students
  4. Fostered graduate student networks and connections
  5. Increase collegial connections between local gender studies programs