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Writing Collective

About This Event

The SBAI Graduate Conference shifted in 2018 to become our annual Writing Collective. The previous conference format invited graduate students to present finished papers to an audience. The aim of the SBAI Writing Collective is to create an intimate space for emerging scholars of gender and sexuality to share their work with a focus on preparing their papers for publication, and is open to both graduate students as well as emerging scholars who have recently completed their graduate studies. During the Writing Collective, participants engage with one another in interdisciplinary discussions to shape their work and use quite time to do intensive writing. The program of events includes writing workshops, writing time, and a reception with food and drink.

Featured Guests

  • Tanja Beljanski (UR)
  • Claire Becker (UR)
  • Anthony LaLena (UR)
  • Binghong Cai (UR)
  • Emmalouise St. Amand (UR)
  • Eleanor Price (UR)
  • Bronwen McVeign (UR)
  • Lauren Berlin (UR)
  • Kay Sapere (UR)
  • Lauren Ganger (UR)
  • Harry Gu (HWS)
  • Tanya Bakhmetyeva (UR)
  • Rachel O'Donnell (UR)
  • Jane Bryant (UR)
  • Stewart Weaver (UR)


  • History Department, UR
  • SBAI, UR
  • Dean's Office, UR
  • Humanities Center, UR

Feb. 16, 2024, 4 p.m. to Feb. 18, 2024, 4 p.m.

Scandling Center, Geneva

LLC21: Gender and Sexuality Writing Collective

Category: Workshop or Mini-Seminar Writing/Reading Group

Audience: Open only to Members of the Working Group

Host: University of Rochester