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LLC13: Word and Image in Spain and the Americas


"Word and Image in Spain and the Americas" studies written, visual, cinematic, and performative languages in Spain and the Americas by analyzing the transatlantic relationship in works by hispanophone writers and artists.

Open to New People

Active since: 2013

  • Syracuse University
  • Le Moyne College
  • Colgate University

Collaborative Goals

The purpose of this group is to study language in every sense of the word including written, visual, cinematic, and performative language in Spain and the Americas. Our intention is to invite writers and artists from different disciplines to our institutions to present their cultural productions in their corresponding fields, giving our students and the surrounding community the opportunity to explore and understand their works. Our goal is to disseminate Spanish and other associated cultures, such as Basque, Galician, Catalan, Quechua, Guraní, etc. Another important aspect will be to consider the transatlantic relationship between Spain and the Americas, and we will invite hispanophone writers and artists living in the US (including those of indigenous descent). As a result of these events and presentations we intend to organize conferences, symposia, and/or round tables to facilitate conversations and the exchange of ideas. Ultimately our goal is to publish academic analyses that reflect the artists and their works from a critical perspective including translations, literary, cultural, and filmic studies.

Student Engagement

Our goals are to present lectures, conferences, performances, art exhibits and the like at Le Moyne, Syracuse University and Colgate University as well as surrounding institutions. We will also organize conferences, round tables, and exchanges between academics and the general public. Students at Corridor institutions will have the experience to meet and engage with writers, artists, and performers from different Spanish -speaking countries in various ways: from classroom visits to performances and literary readings to one-on-one conversations.

Publications and Research

We aim to publish academic volumes or a series of books related to the authors and artists who visit our campuses including translations of works in lesser known languages. Also we hope to integrate newly hired professors so they can develop their academic potential.

Group Organizers

Chrystian Zegarra

Associate Professor of Spanish, Colgate University

Josefa Álvarez

Professor of Spanish, Le Moyne College

Kathryn A. Everly

Professor, Spanish Literature and Culture; Modern Foreign Language Coordinator, Syracuse University

Group Members

  • Joana Sabadell, Professor, Hamilton College
  • Marta Pérez Carbonell, Associate Professor, Colgate University
  • Cristina Pardo, Assistant Professor, Syracuse University
  • Justo Planas, Assistant Professor, Le Moyne College
  • Roseli Rojo, Visiting Assistant Professor, SUNY Oswego

Group Outcomes

Several students incorporated the ideas into their final projects for SPA 455 at Syracuse University and created visual interpretations of poetry and short stories. The event was highlighted on Spanish radio show "Hoy por hoy Henares" on April 21, 2023. The show is aired on the national radio Cadena SER with a large audience following. The host interviewed Jorge Varas and Aurora Luque, our invited artist and poet, and they spoke about their experience in Syracuse mentioning Le Moyne College and Syracuse University.