HS13 Research and Narrative in Modern European History


The Modern European history working Group promotes the development of new research that balances academic rigor and broadly accessible narratives.


Active since: 2021

Collaborative Goals

The goals of this working group are to build an intellectual community drawn from members of academic institutions across Central New York and develop written work that is both rigorous and accessible.

Our region is home to a considerable number of historians of modern Europe. While some of them are established scholars, many are relatively early in their careers. This working group would help bridge both institutional and generational distance and enliven this segment of the regional humanities community.

Beyond the creation of an intellectual community, the working group will prioritize the development of rigorous academic research that puts a premium on making scholarly writing more broadly accessible. On the first count, the working group will focus on intensive peer-review of manuscripts in progress in an effort to refine and advance individual scholarly contributions.

On the second, the group will work to develop narrative strategies and structures. The logic of this goal is not only to become more engaging writers, but also to narrow the gap between academic and popular audiences. Although history remains one of the most popular genres of non-fiction, most popular works of history are the product of journalists and others with narrative skills conventionally outside the purview of academic history. Our group aims to address this imbalance and prioritize the development of accessible narratives to pair with our archival skills and historiographical knowledge.

Group Organizers

Robert Terrell

Assistant Professor, History

Thomas Fleischman

Assistant Professor of History


Research and Narrative Workshop

Nov. 13, 2021, 9 a.m.