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HF10: CNY Graduate Student Writing Group


This group provides writing support for graduate students in the form of:

  1. designated writing time,
  2. designated writing space, and
  3. collaborative cross-institutional opportunities for feedback and idea exchange.

Active since: 2023

Closed Group of Collaborators

  • Syracuse University
  • Cornell University

Collaborative Goals

CNY Graduate Student Writing Group provides an opportunity for cross-institutional collaboration between different but overlapping disciplines in writing studies (humanities-based) and communication (social science-based). Graduate students will not only have focused individual writing time, but they will also have dedicated thinking-as-writing time. One of the goals of this retreat is for participants to practice writing as a collaborative, iterative process. Students will share their goals and progress and collaborate on writing strategies at the beginning and end of the retreat. Writing is often experienced as a solitary activity, especially in graduate studies, and this retreat aims to reinforce collaboration as a tactical writing strategy and practice. An additional goal is for graduate students to demonstrate progress in a program-specific writing milestone (e.g. prospectus, exam article, thesis or dissertation chapter).

Group Organizers

Alicia Hatcher

Assistant Professor, Writing Studies, Rhetoric, and Composition, Syracuse University

Michelle LaVigne

Senior Lecturer, Department of Communication, Cornell University