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Scores and Analysis: Encoding and Management

About This Event

Over the years since its formation in 2019, this group has become well known for collaborative events and initiatives centered on score encoding and analysis. This year’s theme will be one of advance through fine-tuning and consolidation. We will continue to run the score encoding effort to grow our core collection. The difference is that we will re-double our focus on completing the remaining partial sets into full provisions. Technical Development: This year, given the success and interest of the work to date, we believe it is time to take these resources to the next level of professionalism and utility. To this effect we intend to make major improvements on the technical side, too. We aim to make considerable improvements for for the user experience, making everything more readily usable by music theory teachers in any context.

Jan. 1, 2023, midnight to Feb. 28, 2023, 11:59 p.m.


MP3: Music Theory Examples by Women

Category: Other

Audience: Open to the Public

Host: University of Rochester