Machiavelli: Power, Princes, People, Populism--Lessons for the Contemporary World (Urbinati)

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Participants are free to attend one or both days of this 2-part series:

Oct. 15
NADIA URBINATI, Columbia University (USA)
"Politics, Conflict, and Freedom: Three Inseparable Companions in Machiavelli’s Thought"
Respondent: Sean Erwin, Barry University (USA)

Oct. 29
MAURIZIO VIROLI, Princeton University (USA)
"Neither Medicean nor Populist: A (Stubborn) Defense of Machiavelli’s Republicanism"
Respondent: Laurie Naranch, Siena College (USA)

Oct. 15, 2021, 4 p.m.

zoom (hosted by Rochester Institute of Technology)

PCT11 Theorizing Italy

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