COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 Impacts to Corridor Activities

Last updated on 12/7/20

Knowledge about COVID-19 continues to evolve, causing uncertainties for the months ahead. We encourage all Working Groups to anticipate that plans and formats may need to adapt to changing circumstances or even be canceled outright.

Please be aware that no Corridor funds may be used for travel, lodging, food, etc. for group gatherings or other in-person Working Group activities unless and until:

  1. all COVID-19 travel bans are lifted in the region, and
  2. all host and participating institutions have policies allowing for in-person events and activities with their faculty, staff, and students.

In addition, if Working Group activities involve invited guests from beyond the Corridor’s 11 institutions, keep in mind any COVID-19 regulations issued by their home institutions/states/countries. Each institution’s coronavirus updates can be found on their designated websites:

We will do our best to stay informed about evolving policies across the Corridor’s institutions, but it is also the responsibility of each Working Group to keep apprised of evolving regulations related to COVID-19 on their home campuses and on all Working Group members’ campuses so that all intended participants may engage.

In addition to regional/institutional work policies, many Working Group members, as well as guest scholars/artists/performers, may have personal or family health circumstances that may prevent them from in-person activities, even when others may be able to resume such practices. To continue collaborative work, and to support ongoing research momentum and pedagogical activities across the Corridor, we encourage all Working Groups to think creatively about how to diversify activity formats or offer alternative means of engagement, so that those who must continue to isolate can still engage in some way with Working Group activities.

Unfortunately, no Corridor awards made for academic year 2021 (Fall 2020 or Spring 2021) can be carried forward or rescheduled into the following academic year (e.g., into Fall 2021 or Spring 2022). If the Working Group activity ends up not taking place within the academic year, and you want the activity to be considered for funding again, your group must submit a new proposal within the next appropriate CFP cycle.

A few additional notes for Working Groups with Approved COVID Carry-Forward Activities from Spring 2020:

  • Approved COVID Carry-Forward Activities, previously scheduled for Spring 2020, may be re-scheduled for either the Fall 2020 or Spring 2021 semester (i.e., not just Fall).
  • This is a one-time Carry-Forward for previous awards: the implemented activity, and the budget expenditures, should be consistent with the original Spring 2020 award.
  • Note that if Working Groups re-schedule for Fall 2020, but must cancel the event again, your group will need to fill out an Amended Activity Request form to move the activity to Spring 2021.