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PCT18: Political Disobedience


Political Disobedience is political theory incubator stimulating new research and collaboration in the study of mass action, social movements, and civil disobedience.

Open to New People

Active since: 2023

  • Cornell University
  • Union College

Collaborative Goals

The research agenda of Political Disobedience is organized around four pillars:

  1. the history and praxis of mass action
  2. the ethical and normative dimension of extra-legal political action
  3. the democratizing and anti-democratic dynamics of mass action in relation to the state and global institutions, and
  4. ideology, aesthetics, and rhetoric.

We aim to promote dialogue across disciplinary divides in the humanities to facilitate collaborative research synergies and support ongoing faculty and graduate research projects.

Group Organizers

Alexander Livingston

Associate Professor of Government, Cornell University

Cigdem Cidam

Associate Professor of Political Science, Union College


Writing Retreat

Dec. 1, 2023, 4 p.m.