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LLC43: Ecological Imaginaries of Africa and the African Diaspora


We discuss poetic representations of air and land, extractivism, waste, and mining across the continent. Artists deconstruct colonial remnants and systems of power by challenging dominant narratives and fostering change in literature and visual arts.

Open to New People

Active since: 2024

  • Syracuse University
  • Skidmore College
  • St. Lawrence University

Collaborative Goals

As we broaden ongoing critical conversations in Environmental Humanities on poetic representations of air and land in Anglophone and Francophone African literary and visual productions, we seek to:

  • Establish an inclusive and transdisciplinary network of scholars working in African ecologies within the Corridor.
  • Invite a keynote speakers or external reviewers to the group discussion.
  • Host one in-person dialogue in 2024-25 to establish the parameters of our group.
  • Organize an online manuscript workshop to gather feedback from the group members and/or external reviewers on current publication projects.
  • Discuss future collaborative projects such as conference panels and/or Symposiums after the first year of collaboration and see how our group can grow.

Group Organizers

Aurelie Matheron

Assistant Professor, French, Skidmore College

Delali Kumavie

Assistant Professor, English, Syracuse University

Eloise Brezault

Associate Professor, World Languages, Cultures, and Media, St. Lawrence University

Group Members

Ivana Ancic (SUNY Cortland)


No upcoming activities. Check back soon!