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DH14: Virtual Embodiment Across Disciplines


This interdisciplinary working group centers potentials for relational care and virtual embodiment, addressing theoretical, practical and ethical issues at the intersections of mediated and embodied experience, art, performance, and social relations.

Open to New People

Active since: 2023

  • Cornell University
  • Hamilton College

Collaborative Goals

We aim to host working group meetings, establish shared language and interdisciplinary frameworks for approaching themes of virtual embodiment, and reach out to interested parties outside of academia in the Corridor region. Topics will span practical, speculative and artistic potentials to support relational networks of care at the intersections of mediated and embodied experience. We also aim to increase inclusion and provide resources for students interested in this intersection.

Group Organizers

Andrea Stevenson Won

Assistant Professor, Department of Communication, Cornell University

Anna Huff Mercovich

Assistant Professor of Digital Arts, Hamilton College

Becky Lane

Associate Director for Learning Technologies, Cornell University