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Writing, Procrastination, and Resistance: How to Identify your Writing Blocks and Move Through Them

About This Event

Rachel McLaren (University of Iowa)

Do you keep putting off your writing, waiting for large blocks of uninterrupted time to get it done? Do you regularly engage in procrastination and avoidance when it comes to your writing projects? Have you ever wondered what it is that you really want to write, but just don’t do it until there’s a looming external deadline?

In this National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity [NCFDD] workshop geared toward faculty, staff, and graduate students, participants will learn:

  • what resistance is and why academic writers experience it in pursuit of work we want and need to complete
  • how to identify what's holding you back from writing and completing your article, dissertation, book manuscript, grant proposal, etc...
  • the three most common types of writing blocks and how to move around them
  • how to create the types community, support, and accountability for your writing

This event is jointly supported by the CNY Humanities Corridor and Syracuse University Humanities Center, College of Arts and Sciences, The Office of Research.

CART provided.

Dec. 3, 2021, 10 a.m. to noon


HF4: Corridor Futures & Initiatives

RSVP by Nov. 29, 2021