Frieder Vogelmann, “Science as an Antidote to the ‘Post-Truth Era’? Defending Scientific Practices without Scientism”

About This Event

Genealogy in the Humanities invites you to a workshop with Professor Frieder Vogelmann (University of Freiburg, Epistemology & Theory of Science), who will speak about "Science as an Antidote to the 'Post-Truth Era'? Defending Scientific Practices without Scientism." Professor Vogelmann's work focuses on political epistemology, an emerging field of research in which he pursues the dual insight of early Frankfurt School Critical Theory that epistemology requires social theory just as social theory requires epistemology. He draws on analytic, continental and feminist epistemology, as well as (French) political and social theory/philosophy.

Jan. 9, 2023, 3 p.m.

500 Hall of Languages and on Zoom

PCT17: Genealogy in the Humanities

Activity Audience: Open to the Public

Activity Category: Workshop or Mini-Seminar

Host: Syracuse University

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