HS6 History and Technology of the Book


We envision a group that explores the book as a physical object, making use of long-established disciplines (such as paleography and codicology) and new technologies, such as multispectral imaging. Our group activities will draw upon the expertise of faculty, curators, librarians, and graduate students across the Humanities Corridor institutions through a series of workshops, reading groups, and multi-day conferences exploring the historical, material, and theoretical issues raised by the book-as-object. Future workshops will include paleography, codicology, the art of the book, and book imaging technologies. Conference possibilities include meetings on the history of paper, the history of inks, and book binding.

Inactive since: 2019

Group Organizers

Gregory Heyworth

Associate Professor of English and Textual Science

David Powers

Professor, Near Eastern Studies

Anna Siebach-Larsen

Director, Rossell Hope Robbins Library and Koller-Collins Center for English Studies, University of Rochester


No upcoming activities. Check back soon!