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Community-Centered Digital Places: A Roundtable Conversation

About This Event

"Community-Centered Digital Places: A Roundtable Conversation" will be a virtual roundtable on community-engaged digital projects. We'll hear briefly from three panelists who lead digital projects and research centered on their surrounding communities. All the panelists will speak to a central question: "what is your relationship as a researcher and/or digital project builder to the community (and community members) on which your project is centered?" The second half of the event includes extended Q&A and discussion with everyone gathered, focused on best practices for community-centered research and shared experiences with university-community partnerships.

Featured Guests

Kirsten Delegard (University of Minnesota, Director of 'Mapping Prejudice' project); Alison Martin (Dartmouth College, Mellon Faculty Fellow in Ethnomusicology); Kathryn Mariner (University of Rochester, Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Visual and Cultural Studies)

Nov. 4, 2021, 3 p.m.

Zoom event (University of Rochester)

DH13: Resistance Mapping

Host: Rochester Institute of Technology

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