LLC27 Community-Engaged Public Humanities


This group focuses on community-engaged approaches to humanities (broadly conceived) research and teaching. By community-engaged we mean projects undertaken collaboratively that value multiple perspectives and voices, contribute to creating and sustaining communities of place, interest, and identity; build collective capacity for action; and work towards social change.

The group seeks to foster a set of conversations that take community-engaged, public humanities research and teaching as a starting points for pursuing shared methodological and pedagogical questions, such as:

--How might community-engaged research inform how we approach the politics and geographies of knowledge around shared, interdisciplinary and cross-community social problems and collaborative interventions?

--What are key challenges and opportunities for designing and enacting community-engaged methods within and across disciplines and communities? How are such methods evaluated?

--How does a community-engaged framework inform instructional design and decision making within and across disciplines and organizations?

--What are existing sustainable networks, and what supports and structures are needed to improve capacity building through professional connections in and beyond the University?

Inactive since: 2020

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