2020-21 Across the Corridor

In Fall 2020, there are 68 collaborative research activities and events awarded across 9 of the 11 CNY Humanities Corridor campuses.
Activity Date (if known)Host CampusActivityWorking GroupTypePublic Event?
8/17/20CornellWorkshop on Focus, Alternative Semantics, and Information StructureLIN11 New Directions in Semantics and PragmaticsOnline Workshopyes
9/12/20SyracuseImprovising at the Organ in the French Tradition with George BakerMP18 Improvisation in Theory and PracticeOnline Workshopyes
9/15/20SyracuseJustice on Both Sides Book Circle with Maisha WinnLLC5 Incarceration and DecarcerationOnline Discussionyes
9/19/20CornellHagia Sophia: Perspectives From Cultural HeritageVAC1 New Approaches to Scholarship and Pedagogy in Ottoman and Turkish ArchitectureOnline Workshopyes
9/21/20RochesterplacemakerspaceHF3 Community-Engaged Public HumanitiesOnline Workshopno
Sept-DecCornellBeethoven and Pianos: Off the Beaten PathMP5 Historical KeyboardingOnline Performanceyes
Oct-DecSyracuseReading GroupDH11 AI and Human ValuesReading Groupno
10/6/20SyracuseReading: Creative Non-FictionLLC24 Small Press Reading SeriesReading/ Writing Retreatyes

Reading Seminar with Political Philosopher Jodi Dean

VAC28 Feminist Praxis in Architecture and DesignOnline Seminarno
10/28/20CornellSeminar Discussion about Kate Manne's EntitledVAC28 Feminist Praxis in Architecture and DesignOnline Seminarno
11/7/20LeMoyne2020 CNY Moral Psychology WorkshopPCT12 Moral PsychologyOnline Workshopyes
11/12/20SyracuseFrom Parents' Vaccine Refusal to a COVID Vaccine: Understanding the Politics of ImmunizationLLC22 Health Humanities: Medicine, Disease, Disability, and CultureSeminar / Symposium / Conference, Lectureyes
11/16/20RochesterplacemakerspaceHF3 Community-Engaged Public HumanitiesOnline Workshopno

Improvisation Pedagogy in 20th century France with George Baker

MP18 Improvisation in Theory and PracticeWorkshopyes
11/20/20RochesterRacial and Gender Justice in Classroom Settings During the PandemicDH3 Global Digital HumanitiesOnline Discussionyes
11/20/20SyracuseFoundational TextsPCT17 Genealogy in the HumanitiesSeminaryes
12/4/20SyracuseContemporary UsesPCT17 Genealogy in the HumanitiesSeminaryes
Dec 6-14CornellDi Linke: the Yiddish Immigrant Left from Popular Front to Cold WarLLC17 Jewish StudiesOnline Signature Eventyes/no
12/9/20CornellUnlearning HistoryHS3 Urban HumanitiesWorkshopyes
12/11/20SyracuseBuilding a Publishing Pipeline: Concrete Strategies for Increasing Your Writing ProductivityHF4 Corridor Futures & Initiativesonline workshopyes
CornellPlanning meetingHF1 Humanities Research AdministratorsMeetingno
HamiltonPreeti ChopraHS3 Urban HumanitiesLectureyes
CornellLabor and American Political Development - New PerspectivesHS10 Labor and American Political DevelopmentWorkshop, Meetingno
RITFeminist Without Borders Working Group Brainstorming MeetingISD1 Feminists Without BordersMeetingno
RITNational Domestic Violence Awareness Month: College Brides WalkISD1 Feminists Without Borderspanel discussion, exhibit, activist gathering, walkyes
RochesterOrganizational WorkshopLIN11 New Directions in Semantics and PragmaticsWorkshopyes
CornellDiscussion meetingLIN12 Sign Language and Deaf CultureMeetingno
Rochesterfall symposium and working papersLLC12 LELACS
SyracuseWater and Land: Words that Contain Worlds (Luisa Cortesi talk)LLC23 Social and Cultural Sustainability in South AsiaLectureyes
CornellWorkshopLLC25 Gender and Class in the NovelWorkshopno
CornellWorkshop and Planning MeetingLLC30 Culture and Democracy in 19th-century New YorkWorkshop, Meetingno
SyracuseMeetingLLC30 Culture and Democracy in 19th-century New YorkWorkshopno
CornellMasterclass with Michelle CannMP2 Cultural Competencies in Arts Performance and ResearchOnline Workshopyes
CornellMasterclass Series with Michelle Cann for other Corridor campusesMP2 Cultural Competencies in Arts Performance and ResearchOnline Workshopyes
CornellLecture-Recital Series on the Works of Florence PriceMP2 Cultural Competencies in Arts Performance and ResearchOnline Lecture-Recitalyes
CornellFall Pedagogy Workshop with PerformanceMP4 Practice-Based Performance StudiesWorkshopno
SyracuseOrgan improvisation follow-up workshops with Bruce NeswickMP18 Improvisation in Theory and PracticeWorkshopyes
ColgateReading GroupMP22 Performance/HistoryWorkshopyes
CornellWorking Group Writing RetreatMP22 Performance/HistoryReading/ Writing Retreatno
SyracuseConceptualizing Loving while BlackPCT16 Loving While Black: Critical ReflectionsMeetingno
SyracuseMeeting #1VAC30 (Post)Conflict Societies: Politics/Nature/ExtractionMeetingno
RochesterWorkshop #1VAC30 (Post)Conflict Societies: Politics/Nature/ExtractionWorkshopno
SyracuseWorkshop #2VAC30 (Post)Conflict Societies: Politics/Nature/ExtractionWorkshopno
RochesterDante Exhibition/Program Planning MeetingVAC31 Visualizing DanteWorkshop, Meetingno
CornellDante Exhibition/Program Planning MeetingVAC31 Visualizing DanteWorkshop, Meetingno
postponed to S21RochesterSymposium Series on Intersectionality and/in Digital HumanitiesDH3 Global Digital HumanitiesOnline Signature Event Seriesyes
postponed to S21SyracuseData Feminism Reading GroupDH12 Data in the HumanitiesOnline Meetingsyes
postponed to S21SyracuseCultures and Languages Across the CurriculumHF2 Cultures and Languages Across the Curriculum (CLAC)Workshop, Meeting, Teaching Exchangeno
postponed to S21CornellDürer's Geology (a lecture by Christopher Heuer, Professor of Art History at the University of Rochester)HS1 Scientific Norms and the Concept of the NormalLectureyes
postponed to S21SyracusePerforming Disability on the Early Modern Stage: VK Preston and Pablo Garcia PinarHS1 Scientific Norms and the Concept of the NormalWorkshopyes
postponed to S21SyracuseSpring 2020 workshopLIN4 Syntax-Semantics interface; theoretical linguisticsWorkshopyes
postponed to S21RochesterWorkshop,MeetingLIN9 Language Documentation in Multilingual CommunitiesWorkshop, Meetingno
postponed to S21SyracuseFall workshop and planning meetingLIN10 Language Sound StructuresWorkshop, Meetingno
postponed to S21CornellFragments of a Darkened History: Performance Art Across Asia’s Cold War Borders: An Evening with Video/Performance Artist Soni KumLLC9 Critical Theory and the Global: The Politics of TranslationLectureyes
postponed to S21HWSSymposium: Discord and Diaspora in Latin American Politics and Cultural ProductionLLC12 LELACSSymposiumyes
postponed to S21CornellConference on "Border Environments: Towards a Political Ecology of the Edges of the World"LLC12 LELACSSignature Eventyes
postponed to S21CornellNuda per lusus pectora nostra patent - Ludi domestici, exams, testing, games, etc. How we test and to what end.LLC29 Bringing Latin to Life: Transforming Latin Pedagogy for Maximal Inclusion and ImpactWorkshop, Teaching Exchangeno
postponed to S21Colgate2-Day Writing RetreatLLC31 Rethinking Imperial AssemblagesReading/ Writing Retreatno
postponed to S21RochesterTwo-Day Inaugural Planning RetreatLLC32 Hemispheric Indigenous StudiesWorkshopyes
postponed to S21RochesterWorkshop 1MP6 Jazz and CultureOnline Workshopno
postponed to S21ColgateLecture/Class Visit on Protest ArtVAC23 Modernist GeographiesLecture, Class Visityes
postponed to S21SyracuseLecture on Protest ArtVAC23 Modernist GeographiesLectureyes
cancelledRochesterAfrican-European Interactions in West Africa: Planning SessionDH10 Reconstruction, Structural Analysis, and Conservation of Ancient MonumentsWorkshopno
cancelledRochesterData Carpentries WorkshopDH12 Data in the HumanitiesWorkshopyes
cancelledSyracuseFall Speaker and ConferenceLLC11 Perspectives on Europe from the Periphery
cancelledCornellConference Planning MeetingLLC17 Jewish StudiesMeetingno
cancelledRITThinking and Writing Through Institutional EthnographyLLC26 Composition, Labor, and Embodimentonlineno
cancelledRochesterSpiritual Crisis and Moral Transformation in Contemporary ChinaLLC33 Religion and Morality in ChinaWorkshop, Roundtable Discussionyes/no
cancelledSyracuseAnnual Creighton Club ConferencePCT1 Creighton ClubSeminar / Symposium / Conferenceyes
cancelledSyracuseThe "Burned-Over District" A Local Resource for the Study of ReligionPCT13 CNY Religious Studies ConsortiumWorkshop, Lecture, Faculty Roundtableno