2020-21 Across the Corridor

In Fall 2020, there are 69 collaborative research activities and events happening across 9 of the 11 CNY Humanities Corridor campuses.
Activity Date (if known)Host CampusWorking GroupActivitiesTypePublic Event?
8/17/20CornellLIN11 New Directions in Semantics and PragmaticsWorkshop on Focus, Alternative Semantics, and Information StructureOnline Workshopyes
9/12/20SyracuseMP18 Improvisation in Theory and PracticeImprovising at the Organ in the French Tradition with George BakerOnline Workshopyes
9/15/20SyracuseLLC5 Incarceration and DecarcerationJustice on Both Sides Book Circle with Maisha WinnOnline Discussionyes
ongoingSyracuseDH12 Data in the HumanitiesData Feminism Reading GroupOnline Meetingsyes
SyracuseDH11 AI and Human ValuesSeminar and Planning MeetingMeeting,Seminar / Symposium / Conferenceyes/no
RochesterDH12 Data in the HumanitiesData Carpentries WorkshopWorkshopyes
RochesterDH3 Global Digital HumanitiesFall Global DH’s Speaker Eventyes
RochesterDH3 Global Digital HumanitiesSymposium on Intersectionality and/in Digital HumanitiesSignature Eventyes
CornellHF1 Humanities Research AdministratorsPlanning meetingMeetingno
SyracuseHF2 Cultures and Languages Across the Curriculum (CLAC)Cultures and Languages Across the CurriculumWorkshop,Meeting,Teaching Exchangeno
RochesterHF3 Community-Engaged Public Humanities (formerly LLC27)Rochester PlacemakerspaceWorkshopno
RochesterHF3 Community-Engaged Public Humanities (formerly LLC27)Community-building teachingWorkshopno
CornellHS1 Scientific Norms and the Concept of the NormalDürer's Geology (a lecture by Christopher Heuer, Professor of Art History at the University of Rochester)Lectureyes
SyracuseHS1 Scientific Norms and the Concept of the NormalPerforming Disability on the Early Modern Stage: VK Preston and Pablo Garcia PinarWorkshopyes
CornellHS10 Labor and American Political DevelopmentLabor and American Political Development - New PerspectivesWorkshop,Meetingno
CornellHS3 Urban HumanitiesPotential History: Unlearning Imperialism with Ariella Aïsha AzoulayLectureyes
HamiltonHS3 Urban HumanitiesPreeti ChopraLectureyes
RITISD1 Feminists Without BordersFeminist Without Borders Working Group Brainstorming MeetingMeetingno
RITISD1 Feminists Without BordersNational Domestic Violence Awareness Month: College Brides Walkpanel discussion, exhibit, & activist gathering/walkyes
SyracuseLIN10 Language Sound StructuresFall workshop and planning meetingWorkshop,Meetingno
RochesterLIN11 New Directions in Semantics and PragmaticsOrganizational WorkshopWorkshopyes
CornellLIN12 Sign Language and Deaf CultureDiscussion meetingMeetingno
SyracuseLIN4 Syntax-Semantics interface; theoretical linguisticsSpring 2020 workshopWorkshopyes
RochesterLIN9 Language Documentation in Multilingual CommunitiesWorkshop,MeetingWorkshop,Meetingno
SyracuseLLC11 Perspectives on Europe from the PeripheryFall Speaker and Conference
RochesterLLC12 LELACSfall symposium and working papers
CornellLLC12 LELACSConference on "Border Environments: Towards a Political Ecology of the Edges of the World"Signature Eventyes
HWSLLC12 LELACSSymposium: Discord and Diaspora in Latin American Politics and Cultural ProductionSymposiumyes
CornellLLC17 Jewish StudiesConference Planning MeetingMeetingno
CornellLLC17 Jewish StudiesDi Linke: the Yiddish Immigrant Left from Popular Front to Cold WarSignature Eventyes no
SyracuseLLC22 Health Humanities: Medicine, Disease, Disability, and CultureThe Politics of EpidemicsSeminar / Symposium / Conference,Lectureyes
SyracuseLLC23 Social and Cultural Sustainability in South AsiaWater and Land: Words that Contain Worlds (Luisa Cortesi talk)Lectureyes
SyracuseLLC24 Small Press Reading SeriesReadingReading/Writing Retreatyes
CornellLLC25 Gender and Class in the NovelWorkshopWorkshopno
RITLLC26 Composition, Labor, and EmbodimentThinking and Writing Through Institutional Ethnographyonlineno
CornellLLC29 Bringing Latin to Life: Transforming Latin Pedagogy for Maximal Inclusion and ImpactNuda per lusus pectora nostra patent - Ludi domestici, exams, testing, games, etc. How we test and to what end.Workshop,Teaching Exchangeno
CornellLLC30 Culture and Democracy in 19th-century New YorkWorkshop and Planning MeetingWorkshop,Meetingno
SyracuseLLC30 Culture and Democracy in 19th-century New YorkMeetingWorkshopno
ColgateLLC31 Rethinking Imperial Assemblages2-Day Writing RetreatReading/Writing Retreatno
RochesterLLC32 Hemispheric Indigenous StudiesTwo-Day Inaugural Planning RetreatWorkshopyes
RochesterLLC33 Religion and Morality in ChinaSpiritual Crisis and Moral Transformation in Contemporary ChinaWorkshop,Roundtable Discussionno/yes
CornellLLC9 Critical Theory and the Global: The Politics of TranslationFragments of a Darkened History: Performance Art Across Asia’s Cold War Borders: An Evening with Video/Performance Artist Soni KumLectureyes
SyracuseMP18 Improvisation in Theory and PracticeOrgan improvisation follow-up workshops with Bruce NeswickWorkshopyes
RochesterMP18 Improvisation in Theory and PracticeImprovising at the Organ in the French Tradition with George BakerWorkshopyes
CornellMP2 Cultural Competencies in Arts Performance and ResearchMaster #2 (of 3) with Michelle CannWorkshop,Lecture,Faculty Roundtableyes
HWSMP2 Cultural Competencies in Arts Performance and ResearchMasterclass Series with Pianist Michelle CannWorkshop,Lecture,Faculty Roundtableyes
UnionMP2 Cultural Competencies in Arts Performance and ResearchMasterclass #3 (of 3) with Pianist Michelle CannWorkshop,Lecture,Faculty Roundtableyes
ColgateMP22 Performance/HistoryReading GroupWorkshopyes
CornellMP22 Performance/HistoryWorking Group Writing RetreatReading/Writing Retreatno
CornellMP4 Practice-Based Performance StudiesFall Pedagogy Workshop with PerformanceWorkshopno
CornellMP5 Historical KeyboardingBeyond Beethoven, 2020-1770Seminar / Symposium / Conferenceyes
RochesterMP6 Jazz and CultureWorkshop 1Workshopno
11/7/2020LeMoynePCT12 Moral Psychology2020 CNY Moral Psychology WorkshopWorkshopyes
SyracusePCT13 CNY Religious Studies ConsortiumThe "Burned-Over District" A Local Resource for the Study of ReligionWorkshop,Lecture,Faculty Roundtableno
SyracusePCT16 Loving While Black: Critical ReflectionsConceptualizing Loving while BlackMeetingno
CornellPCT17 Genealogy in the HumanitiesExploratory Planning MeetingMeetingno
RochesterVAC1 New Approaches to Scholarship and Pedagogy in Ottoman and Turkish ArchitectureFall Event
ColgateVAC23 Modernist GeographiesLecture/Class Visit on Protest ArtLecture,Class Visityes
SyracuseVAC23 Modernist GeographiesLecture on Protest ArtLectureyes
CornellVAC28 Feminist Praxis in Architecture and DesignResearch Seminar/Book Group/DinnerSeminar / Symposium / Conferenceno
HWSVAC28 Feminist Praxis in Architecture and DesignResearch Seminar/Book Group/DinnerSeminar Symposium / Conferenceno
SyracuseVAC30 (Post)Conflict Societies: Politics/Nature/ExtractionMeeting #1Meetingno
RochesterVAC30 (Post)Conflict Societies: Politics/Nature/ExtractionWorkshop #1Workshopno
SyracuseVAC30 (Post)Conflict Societies: Politics/Nature/ExtractionWorkshop #2Workshopno
RochesterVAC31 Visualizing DanteDante Exhibition/Program Planning MeetingWorkshop,Meetingno
CornellVAC31 Visualizing DanteDante Exhibition/Program Planning MeetingWorkshop,Meetingno
cancelledRochesterDH10 Reconstruction, Structural Analysis, and Conservation of Ancient Monuments (formerly AM4)African-European Interactions in West Africa: Planning SessionWorkshopno
cancelledSyracusePCT1 Creighton ClubAnnual Creighton Club ConferenceSeminar / Symposium / Conferenceyes