Style Guide


CNY Humanities Corridor-funded activities:

In any print or web-based publicity for approved working group activities, it is a general requirement that the CNY Humanities Corridor be acknowledged prominently as sponsor/co-sponsor:

(Co-)Sponsored by the Central New York Humanities Corridor from an award by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

Please do not credit the Mellon Foundation directly.

Conferences or events which are also sponsored by the Syracuse University Humanities Center should be sure to include the appropriate acknowledgement:

Co-sponsored by the Syracuse University Humanities Center

Conferences or events that take place at Cornell University should also include the following acknowledgement:

Co-sponsored by the Society for the Humanities

Conferences or events that take place at the University of Rochester should also include the following acknowledgement:

Co-sponsored by the University of Rochester Humanities Center

Full details and/or the event program should be sent to either your Humanities Center or your Corridor institution PI in order to be included in any local web or print publicity.

CNY Humanities Corridor Template Description

The CNY Humanities Corridor is a unique regional collaboration between Syracuse University, Cornell University, the University of Rochester, the New York Six Liberal Arts Consortium, and other liberal arts schools and colleges in the central New York region. Each institution brings a vibrant and distinguished humanistic scholarly tradition to the collective work of the CNY Humanities Corridor.

CNY Humanities Corridor Brand: Colors and Font Guide

Gold: Hex #88753a; RGB (136, 117, 58); CMYK (0, 14, 57, 47)

Gray: Hex #58585a; RGB (88, 88, 90); CMYK (2, 2, 0, 65)

Font: Helvetica Neue

Please direct any questions about publicity to Aimee Germain, Program Coordinator, 315.443.8685