Advisory Board


Vivian May · Director of the Humanities Center and Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies at Syracuse University.

Joan Shelley Rubin · Dexter Perkins Professor in History, Director of Graduate Studies, and the Ani and Mark Gabrellian Director of the Humanities Center, is the Project Director at the University of Rochester.

Paul Fleming · Professor of Comparative Literature and German Studies, Taylor Family Director of the Society for the Humanities, is the Project Director at Cornell University.

Gregg Lambert · (ex-officio) Dean’s Professor of the Humanities, Principal Investigator (2007-2019), Syracuse University Humanities Center.

Advisory Board Members

The Principal Investigator/Directors administrative structure will be supplemented by the CNY Humanities Corridor Advisory Board.

Group photo of the 2018 Corridor Advisory Board


Syracuse University, Cornell University, and the University of Rochester will be represented by the Principal Investigator/Director at each campus. In addition, two faculty members will be selected from each of the CNY Humanities Corridor’s founding institutions. Other partner institutions will be represented by one faculty member [in addition to any ex-officio administrative member(s)].


Representatives from each campus will be internally vetted. Each campus’s selected members will be appointed as a slate. Criteria for representative eligibility are adaptive to interest and participation. Representatives will be appointed to a term of three years. The initial slate of representatives will be represented at the March 2018 planning meeting.


At the annual CNY Humanities Corridor spring conferences, the Advisory Board will receive reports on the previous year’s activities, programming, and budget. Based on these reports, the Advisory Board will make recommendations to the Directors for the purpose of the following year’s review and award process conducted by the Directors. The Advisory Board will also be able to recommend larger program changes (e.g. changes to the current research cluster configuration).

A Platform for Future Collaborations

Beginning in 2018, the Corridor will hold annual conferences each spring at rotating locations to:

  • Gather Advisory Board members to make programmatic recommendations for the coming year to the Principal Investigator/Directors;
  • Highlight the CNY Humanities Corridor’s activities over the course of the year; and
  • Provide faculty with enhanced opportunities to network with colleagues from across the Corridor.