About the Corridor

WELCOME TO THE CORRIDOR, a dynamic research consortium linking 11 universities and colleges across the region, supported by an award from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Our network cultivates innovative collaborative research, teaching, and programming.

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CORRIDOR INSTITUTIONS are Syracuse University (our administrative home), Cornell University, University of Rochester, Colgate University, Hamilton College, Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Skidmore College, St. Lawrence College, Union College, Le Moyne College, and Rochester Institute of Technology.


The Corridor is driven by Working Groups formed by scholars from across Corridor institutions to collaborate on a particular project/topic/concern. Groups may apply for seed funds to host academic year activities (colloquia, performances, screenings, writing groups, teaching exchanges, workshops).

Working Groups are situated in one of several Research Clusters, to help map our diverse network: Archives & Media (AM); Digital Humanities (DH); Historical Studies (HS); Humanities Futures (HF); Inequality & Social Difference (ISD); Linguistics (LIN); Literature, Language & Culture (LLC); Musicology/Performance Studies (MP); Philosophy/Critical Theory (PCT); Visual Arts & Culture (VAC).

Working Group Activities take many forms, and the possibilities are endless—from a deep dive into a discipline to broad interdisciplinary queries, from convening to develop manuscripts, explore humanities methods or pedagogies, or reflect on the future of the humanities to advancing community engagement or examining how the humanities can help solve pressing social issues.


  • WG Organizers are faculty/academic staff from Corridor institutions—and at least one Organizer must be from Cornell University, Syracuse University, or the University of Rochester. Organizers form groups and coordinate WG activities. You can belong to (or organize) more than one group.
  • Each WG Activity has an Organizer involved from the host campus where that activity takes place.
  • All groups and activities involve members from Corridor institutions in two or more locales/cities.
  • Once established, Working Groups may apply for higher funding levels to support their activities. They may also propose high-impact Signature Events (e.g., conferences, exhibits, performances), which have a public component and actively involve WG members from three or more Corridor institutions (up to 10k award, funding availability varies annually).
  • An Intra-Corridor Travel Supplement helps bring together WG members from different Corridor campuses and helps faculty/academic staff/graduate students attend Corridor activities (workshops, symposia, lectures, etc.) at other Corridor institutions. Guidelines are on our website.


  • All are welcome to attend public Corridor activities (lectures, performances, conferences, exhibits).
  • To inquire about an existing Working Group, contact the WG Organizers directly.
  • Interested in applying for funding? OCT 15 and MAR 15 are the 2019-2020 deadlines.


  • See our FAQ
  • Contact Aimee Germain | Corridor Program Manager | 315.443.8685 | aagermai@syr.edu