Corridor Activity Details

Info Sheet
This form should be completed six weeks prior to any working group activity.

Request Form to Reschedule an Activity or Modify a Budget

Amended Activity Request
This form is only necessary for those groups who wish to change either their budget or the semester for any approved activity.

2018-19 Working Group Proposals

Proposal for 2018-19 Working Group Activities
Proposal periods are open twice per year with deadlines of Oct. 15 and May 15. Use this link to access the working group proposal.

Working Group Report for 2018

Working Group Annual Report for 2018
This form should be completed by all working groups that hosted activities in calendar year 2018. The report is due no later than Monday, January 14, 2019.

For instructions regarding preparing request for expenditures or reimbursement please contact:

Syracuse University:
Kelly Pickard, Budget Administrator

Cornell University:
Paul Fleming, Director, Society for the Humanities
Paula Epps-Cepero, Administrative Manager

University of Rochester:
Joan Shelley Rubin, Director, Humanities Center
Jennie Gilardoni, Administrator

Colgate University:
David McCabe, Director, Division of the Arts & Humanities
Bruce Moseley, Director of Corporate, Foundation and Government Relations

Other New York Six Liberal Arts Consortium:
Amy Doonan Cronin, Executive Director NY6


Humanities Corridor Acknowledgement & Logo

In any print or web-based publicity for your approved activity, it is a general requirement that the CNY Humanities Corridor be acknowledged prominently as sponsor/co-sponsor. Please, visit the Corridor’s media room for more information and press materials.

Visit the Media Room


Forms Archive

2017 Financial Worksheets for Approved Working Group Activities