Syracuse University

Gregg Lambert, Dean’s Professor of the Humanities; Principal Investigator, CNY Humanities Corridor

For CFP questions, new working group inquiries, programming, or Corridor event publicity:
Aimee Germain, Program Coordinator, 315.443.8685

For questions regarding Corridor expenses and reimbursements:
Kelly Pickard, Budget Administrator, 315.443.9451

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Cornell University

Paul Fleming, Director of the Society for the Humanities; Professor of Comparative Literature and German Studies

Paula Epps-Cepero, Administrative Manager, 607.255.4086

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University of Rochester

Joan Shelley Rubin, Director of the Humanities Center; Dexter Perkins Professor in History

Jennie Gilardoni, Administrator

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Colgate University

David McCabe, Director, Division of the Arts & Humanities; Richard J. and Jean Head Chair in Philosophy

Bruce Moseley, Director of Corporate, Foundation, and Government Relations

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Other New York Six Liberal Arts Consortium Schools

Amy Doonan Cronin, Executive Director, NY6, 607.351.5602

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